What we serve is equally important to what we offer.

With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, we have developed a remarkable level of expertise in offering services in the areas of process development, technical evaluation studies, plant design, oil refinery equipment, improvement and expansion of existing facilities, studies regarding pollution prevention, energy conservation, and staff training.

When it comes to providing engineering, technical, and project management services, we take an honest and efficient approach. Our focus on the needs of our clients has driven us to employ the newest technologies while completing turnkey projects for them.

Our services are valued for the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding engineering
  • Excellent P&I development
  • International equivalence
  • Accomplishment of tasks done in a timely manner
  • Less concern over labor
  • Transparent conduct

Design and Manufacturing

Our technically skilled and experienced team at TINYTECH UDYOG will pay particular attention to comprehending and designing the plant.

Either a conventional capacity or a bespoke technique is used to finish the design. On the basis of this, the producing and building activity starts. The manufacturing division begins work on the equipment's production. Extreme care is taken during the fabrication process and all pressure vessels and equipment are constructed in accordance with international standards.

Installation and Commissioning

The moment the equipment arrives at its final location, erection work must begin. We dispatched an Indian technician team to do the installation work. The size of the project determines how long the task will take.

Erection and installation are finished with the aid of the local community. The commissioning process begins, and each stage is examined and declared successful. To familiarize local operators and process experts, commissioning is carried out in their presence.

Trial Production and Startup

The client keeps all the equipment and supplies available for testing. The trial manufacture of the test batch has begun. To ensure everything runs smoothly, the starting is meticulously examined and continues for approximately 5 days.

The local operators will also receive advice from our engineers on handling and operations. The Startup Process includes defect finding and troubleshooting, which are handled if any.

We effectively transfer the plant to the client for their continuing use in the future, and we continue to be available for any after-sale assistance or other needs.

Turnkey Project Setup for Your Business Success with Design, Foundation, Construction, Startup, and Production!

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